Encanto Review: We Do Talk About Bruno


Nate Simonson, Staff Writer

The latest animated feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios is Encanto. Disney fanfare has returned to the movie theater and it’s time to queue for the soundtrack. Encanto features an entirely original story (rather surprisingly), complete with lyrics written by the pen of famed Hamilton star, Lin-Manuel Miranda. This phenomenal writing has led Encanto to become one of the most acclaimed animated films of late.

The film won the Oscar for the Best Animated Feature, in addition to the Golden Globe in the same category. “Dos Oruguitas” was nominated at the Oscars for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures. Since the film’s release, every song from the musical has charted on Billboard Hot 100 charts, sometimes all at the same time.

Released on November 24, 2021, Encanto has sparked a worldwide phenomenon, soon to be followed by various spinoffs, theme park attractions, and more merchandise. To further that point, Encanto has generated $228 million dollars at the global box office and $93 million domestically. Encanto fever is a worldwide epidemic.

This whimsical musical follows the Family Madrigal and their ties to magic. Each member of the Family Madrigal features a superpower: Camilo is a shapeshifter, Pepa controls the weather, and Luisa has super strength and a soft heart. Located in Colombia, the film revolves around the ignition of a candle that stores the family’s powers that aid their local community. While her family utilizes their powers for good, Mirabel feels lost as the sole member of her family without a special ability. Encanto follows Mirabel on her journey into the supernatural and herself.

Disney’s Encanto is a celebration of family. There is no audience more fitting than the wholesome people that this film is intended for. I found this film to be quite comforting and reassuring in its message to families and their children. The music is catchy, emotional, and invokes a rhythm that makes you want to dance and sing along. Encanto is fun for all ages and provides an example of self-love for generations to come.

4 Stars.