Saver Sports: Leveling the Playing Field


Claudia Miller, Editor

Senior Jayhyun Suh founded Saver Sports in September of last year. Saver Sports collects equipment for all athletic activities from students at Sonoma Academy and across the county. In addition to Suh, there are several other leaders of the organization, including SA students Charlie Lewis ’23 (Project Coordinator) and Archie Lee ‘22 (Project Manager), as well as Griffin Quan (Vice President), Sam Samani (Vice President), and Cody Reilly (Creative Director).

Suh said the goal of Saver Sports is to “provide equal opportunities for every child across the community and across the world to play the sport they love.” So far, Saver Sports has collected around 80 soccer balls, 40 pairs of cleats, and a number of soccer goals and cones. Their website states, “We believe sports should be an open and equal field for every aspiring athlete. Sports bring people and communities together. And with it, it brings happiness into the lives of so many kids.”

Saver Sports has done a soccer ball donation drive to Tanzania through a partnership with the Korean company Yolk. In addition, they have done a local donation drive to Chowchilla, a town in the Central Valley affected by wildfire smoke. They plan to donate to Mexico and help donate equipment to more places affected by the fires.
To learn more about Saver Sports visit their Instagram @saversports, website, or donate to their GoFundMe which can be found in their Instagram bio.