SA Confessions

SA Confessions

Claudia Miller, Editor

One time I stepped on this ladybug, on accident of course, but felt pretty bad about it because I stomped and killed it right in front of its nearby ladybug friend. I didn’t want to live with the guilt of being the reason of this new ladybug’s trauma, so I took it out along with its friend. Two lives in one day, it was for the better.

One time I took more than two cookies at lunch.

I thought Rodney was a student for two years.

I’ve killed at least eight wasps so far this school year and hope to get up to at least 50 by the end of the semester.

In first grade, I ate the wings of a live butterfly because I thought it would give me special powers.

I once ate a whole GAC plate. Like the actual ceramic plate.

I stole the asparagus statue and secretly replaced it.

I have been hiding slices of cheese around campus for all my four years of high school.

I love Quinn Hyland the lacrosse coach.

Even if someone tells me my shoelace is untied, I don’t retie them to look cool.

On the first day of my freshman year I fell in the mud and I got it all over my white pants. It looked like I pooped myself so I hid in the bathroom for the whole day until my parents picked me up.