A Glimpse Behind the Curtain


You never know who–or what–you may find in the costume closet!

Pamela Gloger and Amelia Overstreet, Staff writers

Have you ever wondered what lies in the depths of the theater costume closet? The closet resides on the second floor of the theater building. Hidden behind steel doors, magnificent gowns, blazers new and old, and an abundance of hats are kept under lock and key. But, your adventures took up this mission: to break in, and bring the wonders of this closet to the world.

The journey was hard. People were lost. Divine treasures were found, and swords were drawn. And through it all, we found the power of friendship. The costume closet isn’t just material. It’s magical.


Pamela and Amelia, your Paw Print pals. (PPP)

(and Kate)

P.S. We will see you in the next adventure. That’s all for now. Up and out. *Mic Drop.*