Milk: Yummy or Bummy?

Gabriel Mijares, Staff Writer

There is a new source of controversy at Sonoma Academy, and chances are that if you go to this school you have an opinion on it: milk.

The great milk debate was largely brought into the picture by the Instagram account the SA Milkman, which highlights pictures of students drinking milk and posting them. This account has garnered a large following, currently resting at 188 followers while following only two accounts.

Most students have a strong opinion on milk, ranging from hate it, to love it, to tolerate it with cookies.

Freshman Lilia Maxwell says milk is “nasty, especially if it’s warm,” while Peyton Hill says “Milk is God’s nectar.” What could explain such a polarizing divide between the milk worshipers and naysayers?

Some people, such as freshman Savannah Guillot, have an objection to where milk comes from. “Every time I look at milk, I just think of the jostling utters of a cow.” Freshman Javier Hernandez Barragan gave an answer similar to Guillot’s: “I always think about how freaky the first guy had to be to milk a cow.”

The evidence collected so far seems to suggest that the milk naysayers have a problem with where milk comes from, saying that their objection lies with the fact that milk comes from the udders of a cow. Why does this particular function of an animal bother the nice folk of Sonoma Academy more than, for example, sausage, which is cooked from the intestines and discarded parts of other animals?

Senior Ava Lockwood agrees that it isn’t weird that milk comes from cows. “I love cows!” she said. When asked if it was gross that milk came from the udders of cows, she added,  “I mean, babies drink human milk. It’s not weird.” A recent visitor to Brandon Spars’s AS Comparative Religions class, Taylor, is a big supporter of milk. He said, “Because of the health benefits I started drinking it, and now I like the taste.”

Another critique of milk is the methods used to produce it. Lots of cows grow up on factory farms without enough space, given stimulants to make them constantly keep milking. Maybe a solution to this could be to buy organic milk, and make sure that the milk you buy is from cows that have a good lifestyle and aren’t raised in a factory setting.

But in my opinion, after diving deeply into the milk controversy and gathering many educated positions from the students of Sonoma Academy, I have come to the conclusion that milk is (drumroll please) … yummy. Whether you enjoy the creamy smooth texture, the refreshing cold glass on a hot day, or the silky feel as the milk slips down your gullet, I believe milk is a delicious treat that we are lucky to have supplied at Sonoma Academy and that should be enjoyed by every wonderful student here if possible.


P.S. Wouldn’t you like to know what senior Silas Grossman thinks of milk? I did too, which is why I approached him on a sunny afternoon during lunch to ask his educated and valued opinion. On this dreadful day, I was hit with the comment that will stick in my heart for years to come. When asked about his opinion on milk, Silas laughed before demanding “Why do you think we’re friends?” Ouch, Silas. That one hurt.