Review: Mitski

Review: Mitski

Cat Weber Sanguinetti, Staff Writer

Artist: Mitski

Album: Puberty 2

Release date: June 17, 2016

Genre: Indie rock

Rating: 9.5/10

Favorite song: “I Bet on Losing Dogs”

Puberty 2 is Mitski’s fourth studio album, succeeding Bury Me at Makeout Creek. The album explores identity and the feelings of love, loss, and depression. What stands out about Mitski is her ability to be incredibly vulnerable through her music whether that be with lyrics or sound. She seems to perfectly encapsulate the complexity of human emotion; it’s all about the ugly beauty of what it means to feel and be alive.

Every lyric is a poetic exclamation telling a story of loneliness and sorrow. Her music is full of anguish and pain and is all about the sadness that is buried within. One of my favorite lines is, “And I’ve been a forest fire, I am a forest fire, And I am the fire and I am the forest, And I am a witness watching it” from the track “A burning hill.” This line brings up the feelings self destruction and blame. When one wants to change but can’t.

When listening to the album I was moved by Mitski’s lyrical ability. I felt as though I was being immersed into someone else’s thoughts and experiences. I find her music thought-provoking and something that opens up a world of emotions.

With this album, Mitski used indie rock to “go back to her roots” as she explores her struggles as a Japanese-American in the track “Your Best American Girl.” The composition includes dream pop, 60s pop, and surf guitar. Mitski’s voice is full of depth and is heavy, which complements the emotional distress of her songs. The album was recorded in Acme Studios in just two weeks.

While I was writing this review Mitski released her new album Laurell Hell, and I strongly recommend that you listen to it if you enjoy any of her other music.